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#Biomentors #NEET 2020: Important Exam Instructions I Dress code I Proforma & Self declaration

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1. Basics of Biology -

2. The living world -

3. Cell the unit of life -

4. Reproduction in organisms -

5. Human Reproduction

6. Reproductive health

7. Human Health & diseases

8. Cell Cycle & Cell Division

1. Structure of Atom -

2. Solutions

3. Chemistry Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

4. Redox Reactions

5. Surface chemistry

6. Electrochemistry

7. Chemical Bonding

8. Chemical Kinetics

1. Basic mathematics for Physics

2. Dual nature of radiations

3. Atoms

4. Units and Measurements

5. Nuclei

6. Scalars and Vectors

7. Semiconductors

8. Motion in a straight line

9. Motion in a Plane

10. Current Electricity

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