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2020 Bookmarks - COVID19, Police Brutality, & Racism (Episode 4 - In The Code TV)

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2020 Bookmarks - COVID19, Police Brutality, & Racism

(Episode 4 - In The Code TV)

With so much false information and inadequate responses to COVID19, Police Brutality, and Racism, I think it's important to document and bookmark this moment. There is just complete disappointment and let down from the president, his supporters, and racist white people continue to support white supremest organizations and to disregard COIVD19 health precautions and guidelines.

Racist heckling, instigations, and shouts of, "Freedom" as insults, is what Black People are dealing with here in the US today.

So double fold; after all the hard work we put in to make this country equal, you have people looking to support thought processes and symbols of their racist regime even to this day. They want racist flags and polices to continue to guide our country. They can't bury their sins and move on to a better place of pure equality. They won't allow us to forgive and forget by throwing these negative images in government memorials and buildings all away. They won't correctly acknowledge what they have done and they haven't directly paid reparations to the Black Community.

After all the hard work New York and other northeastern states started in March to help curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, now 3 months after the breakout, while here in NY it's starting to bottom out, you have the southern states, the states that follow the President's philosophy, today June 30, 2020, you have record breakouts of infections. This has doubled the death projections instead of helping to flatten the curb.

It's like the effected states are trying to act like wearing a mask is going against the president or is doing something wrong. They don't feel free. They don't feel free? Wow, imagine how we felt like as a people for our freedom 60 years ago when we couldn't go to the same stores or schools or bathrooms as white people because of segregation. It's the obnoxious disregard to the loss, the effects, and the treatment of Black Lives back then why they feel like it's ok to treat us this way today. I really thought during the '70s and '80s we would have reversed that affect or feeling, however, during the '90s this segregation and racism continued to and strengthened in less obvious ways. It's proven when see people have attitudes and live like they don't have to wear masks because their people won't get affected. It's happening in sports where you have to make NFL Owners pay attention to more Black Coaches as candidates for the position. They won't even act with equal justice on their own, they need this Rooney Rule to do it. It's happening with the police. They are supposed to serve the community and protect it, however, they have been abusing their power and avoiding taking accountability for their jobs and that's plain recklessness. So now they have more powerful weapons and stricter laws and punishments with deadlier reckless police and white supremacist organizers.
These matters only affect you if your a genuine human being that loves all people, and will not allow one race to take advantage of another. You'll be less affected by these situations if your too busy, or choose to ignore the obvious oppression and mistreatment of others.

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